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Most Insurance
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Exam &
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per tooth
code: 3220
Single Denture


Per Arch

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*Does not apply with insurance. Must be paid in full.
1110 cleaning only in the absence of periodontal disease
** Implant does not include any attachment, abutment, crown, denture
- NEW Patients Only. Single implant introductory offer $995

- Choose one service at an introductory price,
may not be combined.

Emergency Dentist

These are the procedures that can be done.
Just a phone call to get you out of pain today
For Emergency Call  - 407-900-2981

  • Crowns
  • All can be done with Nitrous Oxide for a relaxing experience
  • Temporary Fillings


Laughing Gas/ Nitrous Oxide available for a relaxing experience

Orlando Emergency Dentist
We specialize in treating toothaches, severe oral pain, and other dental emergencies with the most flexible 24 hour service.
Root Canals
Root canal treatments have never been more comfortable or faster with our advanced techniques.
Orlando Dental Implants
Single tooth implants replace missing teeth. Implants also support full or partial dentures, dramatically improve denture retention and stability. Let us evaluate if you are a candidate.
Crowns & Bridges
Together we will determine which type of crown or bridge is right for you. Some options include all porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal crows, Captek, Gold, Silver.
Versatile and affordable, we offer full or partial dentures to keep your smile full and beautiful no matter what age you are. Full upper and lower dentures can be custom fitted.
We offer different types of fillings from traditional to more natural and less noticeable fillings. Together we can choose the one that is best for you.
Teeth Whitening
With many ways to whiten, we can decide which one is best for you together. Let us give you your brightest smile yet!
With various types of braces to choose from, we will find the perfect fit for you to get your best smile.
Clear Braces
Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth without braces.ClearCorrect is a similar product.



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Our Location

Orlando Hygiene Center
1650 Sand Lake Rd., Suite 106
Orlando, FL 32809

tel: 407-900-2980

Arif Zaman, D.M.D.
Sara Nikfar, D.D.S

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9AM - 5PM

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Emergencies Only
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